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The founders of our company, who have been constantly developing themselves in knowledge and experience since 1997, have decided to unify their expertise under the formation of YAĞMUR SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS in 2007. We are currently maintaining our activities in our facilities of 11.000 sqm that is composed of 5.000 sqm closed and 6.000 sqm open space.

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Multidirectional Scaffolding System

multidirectional flansli iskele - Multidirectional Scaffolding System

Multidirectional Scaffolding System
Multidirectional scaffolding system is a widely used in construction sites, industrial facilities and shipyards that can be used as a façade scaffold, volume scaffold in galleries and shafts, shoring scaffold, staircase tower and mobile scaffold by easily being in compliant with the shape of structure.

Can be used for different purposes and offers application variety.
Securely and easily complies with different types of structures.
Can be mounted and disassembled by a single hammer.
Can be used safely at any height and with any width.
Easy to move, stack and transport.

Quality and Security
EN 12810 certified.
Joint weldings are made on robotic lines with zero-touch.
Flanges are 8 mm. thick and top and bottom welded. Wedges are made of S550 sheets and forged brace heads are cast metal.
Steel decks and toe boards are manufactured in a special form by using roll-form machine in order to ensure they have a high strength.
Fixed parts of the system are covered with hot-dip galvanized coating for being protected from corrosion.
Mechanically tested and certified pipes, profiles and sheets are used.

Application areas
Used securely as façade, volume, mould board and mobile scaffold in construction sites, shipyards, industrial facilities, oil refineries and areas, in which temporary stands are needed.

System Properties
Operating principle of the system is based on the logic of going up by connecting forged brace heads and wedges in horizontal elements to the flanges in vertical elements.

There are flanges with 8 connection points, each has a distance of 50 cm, on vertical braces. Forged brace heads on the edges of horizontal and diagonal braces are connected to these flanges and then the system is secured by inserting wedges with the help of a hammer.

A secure working environment is created by placing sufficient number of steel decks, based on the width of created area. There is a stabilizer bar preventing balance distortion and a locking mechanism for securing purposes on these steel decks.

Movement between floors can be provided either by a separate staircase tower or platforms with ladders within the module or deck or tower ladders.

It is possible to access each point of façades with side elements, such as console, lattice beam, reinforced horizontal brace and coupler and the system can also be used smoothly in galleries and large shafts as a volume scaffold.

The system’s safety is completed with toe boards, stair rails, gap closing platforms and wall ties that can be mounted easily.

shipyard - Multidirectional Scaffolding System
Industrial Facility  - Multidirectional Scaffolding System
Stair Tower  - Multidirectional Scaffolding System
construction - Multidirectional Scaffolding System