Yağmur Scaffolding

The founders of our company, who have been constantly developing themselves in knowledge and experience since 1997, have decided to unify their expertise under the formation of YAĞMUR SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS in 2007. We are currently maintaining our activities in our facilities of 11.000 sqm that is composed of 5.000 sqm closed and 6.000 sqm open space.

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Our Safe Scaffolding System has TSE (Turkish Government Standard Authentication Office) certificate.Our Safe Scaffolding System has approval for installation up to 100 m. Height by TSE.
Our Safe Scaffolding System covers TS EN 12810-1, TS EN 12810-2, TS EN 12811-1, TS EN12811-2 and TS EN 12813-3 standards.Our Safe Scaffolding System has two barriers placed separately at knee and waist height.

In our Safe Scaffolding System, each floor has a double row steel platform.Due to safety regulations, opened ladder platforms are used for personnel transfers in our safe scaffolding system.

All our steel raw materials also have TSE approval. The dimensions of our materials are

Q48x3 mm for frames
Q34x2 mm for horizontal brace
Q42x2,5 mm for diagonal brace
Our scaffolding system is hot dipped galvanized against corrosion.